Our Story

It all began over coffee and eggs one April morning in NYC. We started talking about working for a company that was able to customize to client needs, provide higher quality research, where transparency and teamwork is valued by both coworkers and clients. That conversation turned into many more, a business model was designed, business plans were drawn and in six months our dream turned into a reality…360 Market Reach.

How We Work

It’s not about location, it’s about accessibility. We embrace technology and the freedom it affords our team to do their jobs wherever they are happiest. From east coast to west coast, big city to countryside, we have a talented staff of empowered professionals with varied backgrounds that work on your business.

Photograph of Alicia Ierardi
Boats Tennis Dog

Alicia Ierardi


Before 360…
My journey working in different areas of the market research industry has given me a unique perspective. My early experience in qualitative research as a moderator, provided me the foundation to connect with consumers and B2B audiences. With the online movement, I decided to explore the quantitative side of research connecting with audiences globally through technology, in particular with online community environments. Pat and I have taken our own experiences and our collective team experience to offer excellent research practices.

Before I worked in market research, I was…
A child entrepreneur creating a sledding business on my driveway, a telemarketer where I learned to deal with rejection on the phone and how to overcome rejection (high school), a Guinness Brand Ambassador…oh those were the days (college), a DJ (college) and a Tennis Pro (college and early in my market research career).

If I weren’t doing this, I’d be…
Living on a tropical island, renting kayaks to tourists on a beach.

Best advice I’ve ever received…
To thine own self be true. Always believe in the power of intention and the power of positive thinking. You have the power to choose what you want in life and make decisions to create the life you want to live.

Most unusual thing on my desk…
Sometimes it’s my golden retriever Buoy’s paws (he thinks he’s a lap dog and wants to be a part of everything). Otherwise it’s Buoy’s treats or toys to keep him quiet during conference calls.

The title of my autobiography would be…
What’s The Next Adventure?


Photograph of Patricia DePietto
Travel Dog bowl Open road

Patricia DePietto


Before 360…
My career has included all types of research, including finding new ways to innovate, building the optimal offering and messaging, new product/service development, strengthening established brands and even embarking upon building new categories. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot of amazing people, brands and companies. It’s been a great ride so far and now advances in technology provide many innovative ways to gather even more information.

If I weren’t doing this, I’d be…
I love this job and the people I work with, so it would need to be pretty great. I’d probably be a restaurant and hotel reviewer for a travel magazine.

Three things I can’t live without…
Sun (no way I could make it in Alaska with days of darkness), Italian food (DePietto…need I say more), my GPS (I would never make it to any meeting, ever!)

Best advice I’ve ever received…
It’s okay to make choices to enjoy the path they take you on, knowing that where they will leave you off is not ultimately where you want to end up. If you can accept that the path in front of you is not your final path but holds experiences you would like to have, then go for it. If the end that will likely happen to get the experiences is too painful, skip it. The choice is yours.

Most most unusual thing on my desk…
My tape dispenser (see photo)

The title of my autobiography would be…
A Little Bit of Heaven