Custom Research


Our team of senior researchers customizes the approach, methodology and analysis to answer your specific business questions. We don’t just interpret data, we make recommendations to help guide your business.

Our Custom Research Offerings Cover the Product/Service Lifecycle and the Shopper Experience

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Shopper Experience Product/Service Lifecycle

Innovation: Exploring Needs/Ideas/Process

  • How well are current products performing/what unmet needs exist?
  • What product/service ideas are consumers most receptive to?
  • How do people gain information?
  • What benefits, claims, reasons to believe are important and resonate?
  • Who is the target?

Market Launch: Product/Service/Brand Performance

  • Are we gaining awareness and trial?
  • How effective is the marketing?
  • What segments/personas are the core targets and how do we convey value to them?
  • How is the product/service performing? Repeat purchase?

Development: What Optimizes Consumer Purchase?

  • What is the optimal offering?
  • What price maximizes trial, revenue?
  • How should this be packaged/presented?
  • What messaging is most impactful?
  • How does the offering differentiate from competitors?

Growth Over Time: The Big Picture Over Time

  • How has the category changed since we introduced a new offering?
  • How do strengthen the brand?
  • Are our customers loyal? Satisfied?
  • What are our competitors doing?
  • Do we need to refine our messaging, our offering?
  • Where does our brand stretch to next?

Pre-Store Preparation: Preparation for Shopping

  • Information sources (online review of product, friends/family, advertising etc.)
  • Pre-store comparison shopping
  • Degree of preparation
  • Factors for choosing retail location
  • Frequency of shopping trips

Post Purchase: Experience Evaluation

  • Satisfaction?
  • Does trip continue to another store (in store or online)?
  • Online: delivery expectations?
  • Post-purchase: does consumer post reviews, impact friends, families etc.?

Point of Purchase: What Happens at Checkout?

  • Impulse buys?
  • Re-evaluation of cart?
  • Couponing: traditional or electronic?
  • Displays at check out or along the shopping path?
  • How are the customers paying? cash or credit?
  • What else is being purchased?

In-Store Experience: Follow Along In-Store/Internet

  • How does the shopping experience develop?
  • What do the aisles/shelves/websites look like? (placement)
  • Impact of signage, display, price point
  • How are brands/items selected? (loyalty, coupon, price, display, ad)

Online Research Communities


Either by tapping into our existing communities or having us build and manage one of your own, we make it easy to hear what your audience is saying.


  • We design a community to match your objectives (branded or category)
  • We recruit your target audience
  • Market research managers work with you to create and execute a research plan
  • Our community managers keep your community engaged
  • We extract the insights from the community activities and bring them to life


  • Our continuous-feedback communities give crucial insights through economical, timely access to the consumers you need

360 Shopper Insights Community

  • Tap into consumers who shop your category or your stores
  • Understand the shopper journey

360 All-Natural/Organic Community

  • Access to consumers who purchase all-natural/organic products
  • Understand how these consumers react to new product ideas, your brand and retail options

Examples of Community Research Topics

  • New product development
  • Category innovation
  • Brand positioning
  • Pricing
  • Testing marketing communications
  • Website/product usability
  • Customer experience
  • Product usage and delivery
  • Shopper insights

Avenue to the Insights

  • Discussion boards
  • One-on-one chat
  • Surveys
  • Video ethnographies
  • Online focus groups
  • Virtual shop-alongs
  • Mobile photos
  • Polls

360 Buzz


There are no limitations to innovation. We are always seeking out the best and latest methodologies or creating our own to get at the core of the research issue. Look at what’s buzzing at 360 Market Reach this quarter…

360 Shopper Journey

The 360 shopper journey takes you through an entire buying experience.


  • Understanding price/brand dynamic
  • Redesign the shelf/planogram
  • Optimize packaging
  • Design signage
  • Understand your brand presence vs competitors in store
  • Role of coupons/promotions and how they correlate to brand strength
  • Capturing shelf space at retailers
  • Online Survey: uncovers background shopper information and shopping habits overall
  • In-Store Mobile Exercise: respondents take photos or video in particular aisles or when viewing particular categories in stores nationwide
  • Online Focus Group: more in-depth questioning moderated in real time with client observing in a back room
  • Delivery of Analysis: encompasses all three phases of the research process

360 Virtual Ethnography

Participants answer a customized online qualitative discussion guide while being video-taped (utilizing smartphone) by someone in their household or a close friend. This builds a story of the consumers experience in-home or in-store.


  • Product development and refinement
  • Innovation
  • Creative development (packaging, signage, marketing messages)
  • Understanding the shopping experience
  • Viewing in-home product usage
  • Online Survey: screening for target consumers, basic demographics, product usage info and willingness to participate
  • Send product to consumers or ask respondents to shop for a category
  • In-Home/Shopping Experience: consumers capture a product/service interaction or shopping trip in a 5–12 minute video (examples: making a recipe, utilizing a product, shopping a category, etc.)
  • Delivery of montage videos, individual videos and topline summary