Pro Bono Research: Tom Clement Basses.

360 Market Reach Harmonizes Insights for Small Florida Business, Clement Basses

Tom Clement, owner and craftsman of a small Florida business, turned his passion of custom-made bass guitars into a success.  In recent years, Clement Basses has faced barriers of declining levels of per capita disposable income and limited brand reach, resulting in Clement’s inability to target new customers and drive website traffic. 

360 Market Reach and Clement joined forces to take an inside look at bass guitarists in the U.S. We conducted a survey among n=100 bass players who own at least one bass guitar and who are willing to purchase a new bass in the next two years.  Additionally, data was cut by beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional players. With the goal of understanding purchase motivations and patterns, new pricing and messaging strategies would be developed.

360 Market Reach worked with Clement to revitalize the Clement Basses brand message and offerings on his website and through various social media channels.  To learn more about Tom Clement’s craftmanship, please check out

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