360 Market Reach Approach to Product Testing.

Without a good product even the best marketing can’t sustain success!

Product testing is a necessary tool to keep your products at peak performance, yet product testing hasn’t changed much over the years. The 360 Market Reach approach to product testing capitalizes on traditional tried- and-true methods along with greater quantitative and qualitative diagnostics. This helps you make the best decision possible and limits the number of product testing iterations needed.


  • Key Driver Analysis – is a standard part of our product testing offering. Many times a new offering doesn’t quite meet the success criteria but is close enough that it shouldn’t just be dismissed as a no-go.
    • The driver analysis helps you understand where a product formulation is falling short on attributes that are either needed to attain high purchase intent scores/when missing or create a more negative purchase intent.
      • This information focuses client R&D teams on specific efforts to attain higher product acceptance;
      • Helps product Marketing teams understand possible performance attributes to evaluate in positioning/communication
  • Video ethnography interviews are added to every IHUT as a qualitative component to bring the experience of consumers using the product to life
    • This captures the essence of the usage experience including areas of superior product performance and any product issues.
  • In-Home-Use tests versus CLT
    • Most of the time we utilize IHUTs to get “real-life” product interactions. Sometimes CLT makes better sense for the product or category. Utilizing decades of experience using both methods, the 360MR team will make recommendations based on your research objectives


We’d like the opportunity to provide your team a superior research offering at a competitive price.  

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