Practicing the
art of understanding

Our research solutions and methodologies are where the art of understanding comes to life.

We spend time with you (preferably face-to-face) and evaluate the research/business need first and build the most relevant solution based on reaching your audience in the most immediate and impactful ways. Whether it’s a custom research solution or one of our proprietary online communities, you’ll be getting exactly what you need.

Custom Research

We believe research requires the ability to change, evolve and pivot when necessary. So, we build solutions that allow flexibility. There are a zillion ways to do research, but there’s only one way that works best for you. That’s where the art of understanding makes all the difference. Understanding exactly what you need and delivering it cost effectively and with the least amount of hassle for you, is what we do best.


Online Research Communities

We build custom online communities consisting of your core audience/community. Building an Insights Community can yield significant savings when compared to an equal number of research activities conducted on an ad hoc basis. This includes proprietary online communities that you can access immediately:

  • 360 Natural Market/Organic Community:

    Gain insight into consumers who regularly purchase all-natural/organic products.

  • 360 Shopper Insights Community:

    Understand the consumer decision journey by tapping into customers who shop your category or stores.