Blue Buffalo

Helping Blue Buffalo Roam Wider and Farther.

Using trackers and proprietary communities, we helped Blue Buffalo manage their growth in the U.S. and expand their footprint internationally.

Having gone from a pet food brand with barely perceptible awareness and usage to a leader in the category, Blue Buffalo was interested in tracking the brand’s growth in the U.S. We helped them do just that and our partnership has evolved to include understanding category expansion potential, fueling international expansion, optimizing their product lines and creating and evaluating benefits and messaging that best portray their core company values.

  • 360 Market Reach built and manages trackers in the U.S., Canada and across the globe. The trackers provide insights on the competitive landscape – defining behavior and attitudes about important benefits, influencers and adjacent category dynamics.
  • We built and manage 2 proprietary pet communities… one for dog owners and another for cat owners.
  • Ad hoc work is conducted for audiences such as veterinarians and targeted brand or product users for research such as IHUTs, brand potential and need/gap exploration.