The Sweet Smell of Success.

We help Givaudan optimize the process of evaluating existing fragrances and developing new ones, all with a nose for efficiency and the most positive impact on their bottom line.

Givaudan, a global leader in the fragrance industry, wanted an efficient way to monitor consumer trends, listen to consumer’s views/ideas, evaluate existing fragrances and ideate on new fragrance possibilities.

  • 360 Market Reach set up a community of consumers to actively engage in two-way communication. The community platform allowed for reactive feedback (through both qualitative and quantitative methodologies) and enabled members to post their own ideas through open discussion, pictures and videos. Projects include In-Home Use Tests, Online Focus Groups, Discussion Forums/Bulletin boards, surveys and video ethnographies.
  • Over the years, new fragrances have been introduced (and rejected), fragrances have been appropriately matched to product types and a greater understanding of how consumers incorporate fragrances into their daily lives has been gained.