Feeding Growth, Naturally and Organically

We helped Kroger thrive in the Natural/Organic category through the use of our proprietary online communities and strengthen their product offerings through in-home testing expertise.

In September of 2012, Kroger Supermarkets launched “Simple Truth”, their own Natural/Organic Brand, and quickly needed consumer feedback on pricing, package design, category/product expansion and new flavors/varieties. Kroger also needed help with evaluating potential suppliers.

  • 360 Natural Market, a 360 Market Reach online research community of consumers with a more natural/organic focus on life and purchase behavior was the perfect answer for the variety and timeliness of the information needed. Over the course of more than 5 years there have been many new product and category expansions, some potential paths abandoned due to low interest/fit and a number of iterations of messaging, packaging and pricing.
  • 360 Market Reach’s extensive experience in product testing allowed us to design and conduct all aspects of large-scale in-home-use tests in an economical and timely manner… attaining response rates from 80% to often above 90%.
  • We’ve helped Kroger maintain consistently high product quality by giving them the means to evaluate vendor selection.