Target/Pilot Pen

Penning a Success Story at Point-of-Purchase.

Utilizing online testing, we helped Pilot Pen optimize their shelf presence in Target stores for maximum impact and sales for Pilot Pen and ultimately Target.

Pilot Pen and Target wanted to evaluate two different writing instrument shelf configurations to determine both optimal layout and whether signage improved or detracted from the shopper experience.

  • 360 Market Reach conducted an online 4-cell virtual shelf set exercise… evaluating the shelf configuration options both with and without signage.
  • A new shelf configuration was introduced in Target stores increasing sales volume for Pilot Pen, a more expensive option, that ultimately increased the sales revenue for Target.
  • Using a video ethnography, 360 Market Reach helped Pilot Pen and Target better understand the overall consumer process of shopping for a writing instrument, from in-home decisions to in-store experiences. This led to the refinement of sales strategies beyond the shelf experience.